Why The Corona Virus Is Spreading

Energy flows where attention goes. 
Anything we focus on we do create so if we are really angry for instants at a war that’s going on or strife or suffering we’re adding or energy to it
We’re pushing ourselves and all that only creates resistance. what you resist persists. The reason that what you resist persists is because if you’re resisting something you’re saying, “No I don’t want this thing because it makes me feel this way, the way I’m feeling right now.” So you’re just putting out this really strong emotion of, "Wow, I really don’t like this feeling," and it’s there and it just comes racing toward you. 
The anti-war movement created more war. The anti-drug movement actually created more drugs. Because we’re focusing on what we don’t want---drugs. 
How much sense does it make for us to get the problem all of the energy as opposed to focusing on trust...
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The Truth about Depression and Energy Healing

depression energy healing Feb 28, 2020

It's a fact that many people around the world suffer from depression. An approximate number of those suffering from this state of mind would be a whopping 264 million people. That's why depression has become like an invisible epidemic and thus has afflicted many souls. The WHO ranks depression as one of the most disabling diseases. Clinical figures around the world also suggest that depression has affected 20 percent of the world population. This is just an estimate; the real number is thought to be much higher.

Depression has thus, rightfully received a lot of publicity. Those who suffer from it tend to hide their condition. These days, the medical community approaches depression as a disease. And many people who suffer from depression feel ashamed and usually judge themselves as weak beings. They see that they cannot get themselves out of somber moods and sadness. Usually, when people are experiencing depression, it is hard for them to escape the feeling that they are a failure,...

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How to Get More Money Fast With Energy Healing!

It’s simple but not always easy to comprehend; you will attract the match to your vibrational patterns in every area of your life. Today, we see many unemployed people out here and others that are employed and still having trouble attracting money. Certainly, we can spend all day discussing economics, the world banking system, rich get richer, poor get poorer, etc. But, if you find yourself lacking money and you want more of it in your life AND you think you’re powerless to do anything to change your situation, then you are definitely out sending the wrong messages into this surprising universe.

The money constraints you are going through today are a result of deep-rooted beliefs that lie in your subconscious mind. Most of these beliefs were programmed at a very young age from your parents and other authority figures. Many human beliefs are the cumulative products of millennia of human culture.

According to Dr. Bruce Liption, the most influential perceptual...

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Why our Goals are Auto-Cancelled

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2020

One of the things I find amazing about life is that it is shaped by our individual perspectives. Every one of the perspectives that we've set up are literally shaping our experience of life.


Beyond that, there's just a ONE individual that is powerful enough to change these perspectives, and thus, change your entire life. And that’s YOU.


The funny thing is, if we were to look at what we perceive as our “shortcomings” in this reality; whether we have issues with money, constant “failings” in love or other relationships; whether we simply can’t “get our lives to together,” or “figure things out” for ourselves; whether we are experiencing some kind of sickness or illness or we feel like a constant burden to those around us. Whether we always feel like we are “behind the ball in life” or undeserving or unqualified for what we truly want. Whether we feel like it’s too late for us to have what we...

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5 Tips to Make Your New Year a Success!

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Why Heal?

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2019

Welcome to being the Champion of your own life. The Champion of your Money. The Champion of your Future. The Champion of a remarkable Relationship and a marvelous. How did we all get so fortunate? The amazing thing about Healing is that we can transform whatever's not working for us in our life. Healing empowers every one of us to really realize who we already are and what we already know. You're endlessly gifted and astounding. You are unquestionably more amazing than anything you can even envision in this moment. No one on this whole planet perceives as you perceive. We are each a unique and absolutely one of a kind blessing for the world.


The amazing thing about being the Champion of your own life is that is it's not about following another person's answers. It’s about embarking on your personal journey. It's about you discovering what’s valid for you. What causes your heart to sing? What makes you empowered and revitalized? It’s about you seeing you and...

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