Why Heal?

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Welcome to being the Champion of your own life. The Champion of your Money. The Champion of your Future. The Champion of a remarkable Relationship and a marvelous. How did we all get so fortunate? The amazing thing about Healing is that we can transform whatever's not working for us in our life. Healing empowers every one of us to really realize who we already are and what we already know. You're endlessly gifted and astounding. You are unquestionably more amazing than anything you can even envision in this moment. No one on this whole planet perceives as you perceive. We are each a unique and absolutely one of a kind blessing for the world.


The amazing thing about being the Champion of your own life is that is it's not about following another person's answers. It’s about embarking on your personal journey. It's about you discovering what’s valid for you. What causes your heart to sing? What makes you empowered and revitalized? It’s about you seeing you and creating and allowing a life that's actually true for you.


So what if we can get to the point in our Consciousness where our life would simply be our decision. We’d have the option to pick any sort of job or work we’d like to have and we’d also get to choose whatever self-perception we'd like to have. If we were truly being the Champion of our own life and functioning from Consciousness, everything in your life would work out precisely in the manner in which we'd like it to.


So now, how would we go about doing this? Well, one of the most powerful aspects that I love about the Medical Intuition System (M.I.S.) healing modality, (of which I am a certified practitioner,) is that it can clear negative limiting points of view, or beliefs. Beliefs mold our perception and create our individual realities, (often unconsciously,) on a moment-by-moment, day-by-day basis.


So how many points of view do you have that are creating any upset or any problem or any issue in your life? How many points of view do you have that are creating separation from that which you wish your life to be?


Now the answer to this could be: A LOT! After all, we could pick up various points of view all the time every day in this dimension, ESPECIALLY when we were young children and our minds were like sponges. Can you imagine; those same programs from when we were children are defining our lives right to this day if we have just let them be.


And healing is definitely a journey. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Sometimes these limiting beliefs leave all at once and sometimes you’re peeling back layers and layers, like an onion.


But it certainly worth it. And when we change, our world changes. When we heal, our world heals. We even heal up and down our family line and tree, eradicating so called generational curses and dysfunctional patterns of behavior. Imagine not being held bondage to “this disease runs in your family,” or that pattern of behavior is “stereotypical of people like us.” When we make the decision to heal, we are doing a great service, not only to ourselves, but also to the entire world at large and beyond.


So let’s get to clearing away all the limiting conclusions that you've been using to keep you from being the Champion of your life shall we!

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