Why our Goals are Auto-Cancelled

One of the things I find amazing about life is that it is shaped by our individual perspectives. Every one of the perspectives that we've set up are literally shaping our experience of life.


Beyond that, there's just a ONE individual that is powerful enough to change these perspectives, and thus, change your entire life. And that’s YOU.


The funny thing is, if we were to look at what we perceive as our “shortcomings” in this reality; whether we have issues with money, constant “failings” in love or other relationships; whether we simply can’t “get our lives to together,” or “figure things out” for ourselves; whether we are experiencing some kind of sickness or illness or we feel like a constant burden to those around us. Whether we always feel like we are “behind the ball in life” or undeserving or unqualified for what we truly want. Whether we feel like it’s too late for us to have what we want in life and we’ve simply “missed the boat.” Whether we judge our body image, facial features, or physical attributes. What if ANYTHING that we believe is “wrong” about or with us, actually has nothing to do with us at all. What if it was all simply copy and pasted from everyone else’s reality? What if it was all just a perspective that we at some point, decided to take? And what if the road to the life we truly want begins with acknowledging that we’ve put these perspectives in our own way and WE, can thus, choose to remove them?


Okay, so how can we get on our own side and become a Champion at life instead of kinda waddling along creating a life that’s sorta kinda okay?


Well for one, we can get very clear about what we choose to have in our life and remove all the perspectives that conflict with this choice. It can be impossible to get what we actually choose to have in our lives when we have conflicting perspectives going on within us all the time. For instance, if we say, “Wow, I am so excited to have an amazing, loving, trusting relationship that makes my heart sing,” but then we immediately follow it up with thoughts of, “Well, I don’t really feel like I’m ready for a relationship. All men cheat. There aren’t any good women left. I need to get my body/career/financial situation right first. The statistics of marriage are terrible, why would mine be any different…” etc. etc. etc. These are all big fat NO’s to our original “amazing, loving, trusting relationship” request.



So when you pose an inquiry to the Universe, this opens the door for more conceivable outcomes in our lives. We’re requesting that the universe shift and change and bring that new reality into being. We’re also requesting that our consciousness shifts and expands to match this new reality. (Have you noticed that sometimes when you ask for something to show up, you go through a series of events that seem to “prepare” you for what you’ve asked for?)


As long as there’s no perspective in the way of our request, the Universe will shift and change to bring that which you asked to you. And there’s literally no limitation to how the Universe can do this. You may be taking a shower one day and an idea simply pops into your head to call a certain person, or a friend invites you out at the exact right time to meet your amazing partner, or you get into a lively discussion on Facebook and discover an amazing vibrational match. What are all the amazing possibilities once we take on the perspective that this is what we CHOOSE to have in our lives?


So, do you have any perspectives that are automatically cancelling your requests?

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