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I'm The Transformational Energy Healer here at LifeUnblocka! I cannot wait for you to become the Champion Of Your Life!

As a Certified Medical Intuition System (M.I.S.) Practitioner, I work with people from all walks of life to remove mental, emotional and energetic blocks so they can show up as the best person they can be!


Unleash your true potential in all aspects of life

The extraordinary life you want is within your grasp, and with the right tools and strategies you CAN become the best version of yourself.


 I used to be very insecure and broken. I thought I had it all at one point I had a great job, I had the house, I had the car, I even had the marriage. So to the outside world, I was very successful. But inside I felt very unfulfilled and stuck, lost, trying to figure it all out. And when I got divorced very young, all of that came crashing down because I could no longer hold onto this image. I had to move back in with my parents and start over.  I lost my best friend the one who I thought would share this life journey with me. And it seemed like it all came crashing down. 


So then I learned about the Law of Attraction and how we create our own lives with our habitual thought patterns and it became apparent. Just like in Fitness, how you need to eat right and exercise to get the best results;  in life you need to heal and remove old limiting beliefs AND install new empowering beliefs to get the law of attraction working the best for you!  So when I healed myself and changed my life around  and then I healed other people and change their lives around  I realized how vital  and powerful healing is for us to get the best results in life.  




Get UnBlocked!

"Tinesha's healing work is amazing! Not only does she have great energy, but her work has helped me with so much clarity with what I'm doing. She cleared things that were keeping me blocked. She has also cleared things out of the way of my clarity. She helped me to feel much better both physically and emotionally. Through her work I was guided to what I needed to do to move forward more quickly as well as get my body on the road to healing. I am doing great now."

Janice Patrice

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